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 About Brandman ACS

Brandman ACS is one of the leading independent actuarial and employee benefit consultants operating in Israel.  With the establishment of an independent office in 1987, Maurice Brandman provides pension, actuarial and other employee benefit related advice to a wide range of clients including: 

   -- multi-national corporate employers 
   -- local employers 
   -- government agencies 
   -- insurance companies
   -- pension funds

Maurice provides independent and objective advice on a per hour fee basis.  Commissions are not accepted.  Communications and reports are managed in English or Hebrew.

Actuarial valuation for financial reporting ( FRS17, IAS19 & ASC715)

What "Bard" has to say about actuaries: "Actuaries are highly skilled professionals who use their knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and economics to assess risk and make predictions. While AI can automate some of the tasks that actuaries currently perform, it is unlikely to replace them entirely. There are many aspects of actuarial work that require human judgment and expertise, such as interpreting data, identifying risks, and making recommendations."

*Office open Sunday to Thursday
*Israel time zone: UTC+2 (UTC+3 during summer)