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With the introduction of new legislation regulating pensions, the establishment of new style pension funds since 1995, and tax reforms, sound independent advice is essential not only to the providers of pensions, but also to the consumers of pension plans.
Brandman ACS provides actuarial, pensions and other employee benefits related advice to employers.  
  - Independent and impartial advice
    - Wide experience of pensions and insurance market
    - Actuarial valuation for financial reporting
    - Proven professional expertise
    - Open-minded perspective
    - Secure and confidential maintenance of client-related data
    - Ethical standards defined by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK). and The Israel Association of Actuaries

A broad range of advice is available including, inter alia:
    - Actuarial valuations for financial reporting (USGAAP, FRS, HGB, IFRS)
    - Actuarial valuation of ESOPs – Employee Stock Option Plans
    - Assessment of pension and retirement insurance plans
    - Due Diligence for M&As
    - Evaluation of pension liabilities, yield and security
    - Reinsurance requirements
    - Design and establishment of pension plans
    - Actuarial valuations for pension funds and insurers
    - Benefit statement design and production
    - Advice relating to medical insurance
    - Advice relating to other non-pension employee benefits