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Medical and dental insurance
  Medical and dental insurance


Private Insured Medical Plans (IMP): (additional to National Health Care System)

A range of medical policies are marketed by local insurance companies for Israeli citizens to provide supplemental coverage which is complementary to the Israel Health Care System (IHCS) provision. Private supplementary medical insurance is relatively new to the market and becoming increasingly prevalent. These plans are designed for Israeli citizens entitled to basic medical services through the IHCS. The range and terms of cover vary between different policies (within an insurance company) and between different insurance providers. Such policies typically cover some or all of the following components:

Typically included:

 • Overseas operations not available locally or subject to long waiting periods* 

 • Compensation in case of serious illness

 • Specified emergency dental treatments

 • Local and overseas transplant operations

 • Special treatments and procedures overseas

 • Medication not offered by IHCS

 • Ambulatory costs

Optional coverage:

 • Alternative medicine 

 • Infertility treatment

 • Home visits

 • Elective hospitalization

 • Nursing

 • Preventative medical testing