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Retirement plan
  Retirement plan

Are the terms and level of retirement benefits uniform for all employees?

If individual (insured) retirement savings policies (known as “Manager” policies) are implemented, then:
- What portion of each premium is allocated to retirement savings?
- Are the terms of life and disability cover competitive?
- To what extent is “full” disability covered?
- To what extent is “partial” disability covered?
- Would the introduction of group disability or life cover reduce costs or enhance benefits?
- Do policies differ significantly between employees?

If multi-employer (funded) pension funds are implemented, then:
- to what extent are staff exposed to underfunding?
- how is salary above the pension fund salary ceiling covered?

If individual bank provident funds are utilized, then:
- how is salary above the tax ceiling covered?

Is an overall salary cut-off ceiling applied?
Is allocation between capital and annuity plans tax efficient?
Is funding for termination indemnities integrated?